"I would be honored to have you join our key leaders for a leadership development

experience. You won't regret making this investment!"

-Pastor Wade


Weekly Groups Feb 13 - May 19

Varied by Group Leaders. (See options in Freedom Group App.)

In-Home and On-Campus locations

$129 per person, $189 per couple

By February 11, 2022


Q: What is it? 

A: Freedom 252 is an in-depth leadership development experience that we’ve designed to be biblical, practical and transformational. (Many leaders have treated this robust and multi-faceted experience as educational/personal development with their jobs.) 

Q: Why are we doing this?  

A: Jesus has entrusted Freedom Church with some amazing leaders. We love being able to pour back into our Dream Team and community influencers. 
We want to intentionally make Jesus’ last command (developing disciples) our first priority!  

Q: Who is this for?  

A: Anyone who serves on our Dream Team or a friend of Freedom Church that wants to grow in their leadership. 

Q: Why the name 252? 

A:  Our foundational verse is Luke 2:52 “And Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man.” If even Jesus had to continually grow in these four areas (mentally, physically, relationally and spiritually) we figure this is a great growth plan for us to build upon! 

Q: How many semesters is this experience

A: 2, 13-week semesters that can be experienced in any order. 

Q:  What will our time together look like? 

  • A:   GROUP: We will meet in our groups each week to discuss an in-depth leadership teaching starting the week of Feb 13 up through May 19. 
  • B.   SCRIPTURE: We will memorize a Scripture verse each week that coincides with each teaching. 
  • C.    PRAYER: Each 252 leader will be paired up with a prayer partner to gain weekly support.
  • D.    RESOURCING: We track our notes in a 252 workbook as well as read a book each month together (3 total). 

Q:  What topics will we be trained in? 

  • Lifting Your Personal Leadership Lid.
  • Leadership Secrets from Your Favorite Bible Characters. 
  • Casting Vision and Make it Stick.
  • Creating a Culture of Honor. 
  • Navigating Team Dynamics.
  • Creating Cultural Innovation. 
  • How to Apprentice Another Leader. 
  • How to Have Crucial Conversations. 
  • How to Delegate At Another Level. 
  • How to Create & Manage Your Personal Replenishment Cycle. 
  • How to Become, Attract, and Develop Ideal Team Players. 
  • And much more! 

Q:  What is our Mid-Semester Meet-up? 

A:  All of our groups will come together on Thursday, March 24, 6:30-8:30pm for some worship, LIVE teaching and group discussions at our Bel Air Campus.  

Q:  What is the Capstone Experience

A:  All of our groups will come together for a powerful evening that will help each of us recap and retain what we've picked up from our semester together. You'll want to mark you calendar and not miss this memorable culmination! Thursday, May 19, 6:15-9pm, Bel Air Campus. 

Q:  How many weeks is this experience?

A: 13-weeks, Week of February 13 - May 19. 

Q:  Are groups meeting at different times?

A: Yes! We have groups from each campus meeting at various times and days of the week. In our Freedom Church app you can find the group that best fits your schedule!  

Q:   What will I do with this training & development?  

A:  Our hope and desire is to see you serve and lead at new levels of influence and effectiveness in your home, job, and/or on our Dream Team. The material we will cover will certainly be applicable in multiple areas of your life and leadership.  

Q:  Can I invite someone to join me? 

A:  We have limited space but would still like to make this a possibility. If you have someone you would like to invite into this experience with you, simply email Josh Mitchell jmitchell@myfreedom.org and our team will help with all the details. 

How do I register? 


1.   Choose a weekly a weekly group at https://myfreedom.churchcenter.com/groups

2. Provide payment using our simple and secure payment site choosing the appropriate Freedom252 options (individual or couple). 

  • If you’d rather not sign up online, simply put a check for your registration amount in one of our giving boxes on a Sunday with “252 registration” in the memo.
  • Or you could mail your payment to: Freedom Church, P.O. Box 160, Bel Air, MD 21014. 

Q:  What does my financial investment cover

A:   Everything you need: A personal 252 workbook, 3 leadership books, your food and any childcare at our Mid-Semester Meet-up and our Capstone Experience gifts & surprises.