No one should “do life” alone. Freedom Students exist to connect sixth grade through high school students into a meaningful community. It's our goal to create a shelter where students are free to share and question anything. 

Here's the heart of FREEDOM STUDENTS:

We want our students to put their personal faith into action.

The mantra is simple: nothing you say or do will change our love for you. Students are challenged to discover for themselves who they are, their missional purpose in life, and their relationship with God.

Student Nights are exciting, fun, worshipful, monthly experiences for every student. Each month of our semesters, all of our student groups will come together for an amazing time of fun, growth, and connection!

6:30pm - 9:00pm on the following dates:

FALL 2021

9.16 - 10.14 - 11.18

Student groups are relaxed, relational, and authentic weekly community groups just for students. These take place at each of our campuses. 

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Secondary Title

FS eSports

Our goal with this branch of Freedom Students is to create a place where your students have the ability to enjoy fun and competitive gaming in a safe and healthy environment. In the Spring of 2021 we hosted our very first FS eSports tournament! We can't wait for our next eSports event taking place this Fall!