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Freedom FiftySix

During fifth and sixth grade, students will answer this question: Am I going to follow Jesus for myself? In this phase, it becomes personal and we want to provide the best possible environment for fifth and sixth graders to understand who God is and why He's worth following. 

At FiftySix, students will have the opportunity to connect in real community with peers and group leaders who love and care about this phase of life. Together they will get to engage in our worship experience and spend thirty minutes digging into God's Word to discover the God we serve, why it matters, and how we can apply it to our life. Join us for what we believe is one of the most important phases of a child's life. 


FiftySix takes place during the 11:15AM Gathering.

Bel Air and Rising Sun Campuses. 


Check In | Students can begin checking in 15 minutes before each gathering and join

their group in the Growth Track room.

Worship | FiftySix students will remain in the main auditorium and worship together. 

Group Time | When the worship experience ends, students will walk together to the Growth Track

room at their campus and go deeper with God and find true community with each other.

Check Out | At the end of the gathering, students will check out from the Growth Track environment

at their campus.

See you Sunday!


Can my 5th grader still attend Freedom Kids?

Yes, fifth graders are still able to be checked into Freedom Kids.

FiftySix is simply for fifth and sixth graders who are ready for the next phase. 

Can my 6th grader still attend Freedom Students?

Yes, sixth graders are still invited to join Freedom Students. FiftySix is provided to give connection

and build a bridge into Freedom Students when they are ready. Sixth graders are welcome to attend both. 

Where do I check in?

Check In will continue to be outside of the K-5th environment.

FiftySix students may begin checking in 15 minutes prior to the start of the gathering and

join their group leader in the Growth Track room.

Where will the group time take place?

Immediately following worship in the main auditorium, group leaders will escort

their groups to the Growth Track room at your campus.

What will my child be doing during their group?

Each week, fifth and sixth graders will have the opportunity to connect with their peers and group leader in a real life community group just for them. During this time, students will dig deeper into the Bible to learn a story and using group discussion questions discover what God is trying to teach us and how it applies to our lives. Each week group leaders will end with asking one simple question: "How can I pray for you?" 

Where do I check out?

Check out will take place in the Growth Track room at your campus.

Be prepared with your parent tag to show to your child's group leader.