God has been leading Pastor Wade in stepping out boldly in trusting Him for the miraculous. Through our current sermon series, When Pigs Fly, we are opening the conversation and creating the faith expectation for God to intervene from Heaven on earth.

The culmination of the series on Sunday, June 9, will be an extended worship moment for people to pray for a miracle of healing in their life. We are going to prepare ourselves for God to display His might and majesty in people's lives and relationships. 

Our unified prayer from Pastor Wade is, "God find us faithful and trustworthy."

Team Plan

We will conclude each gathering with an extended worship set, and invite those that would like God to heal them to come for prayer.

The Prayer Team will all wear red shirts from a Freedom Conference and be stationed across the front and sides of the stage.

The Intercessor Team will be positioned throughout the room to cover everyone in prayer.

The Host Team will guide and direct people to a prayer team member.