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We face choices and decisions every day. Most seem simple, but others are paramount to the direction and destiny of our life. The question we should be asking for all of them is: What is the wise thing to do? 

This guiding question sets us on a quest for wisdom. Wisdom doesn’t have to come through the school of hard knocks with learning from repeated failure. True wisdom is gained by listening to the voice of God. Allowing our awe of Him to reframe our life and choices. 

Our prayer is that this group becomes the foundation of your quest for wisdom, and from that source you become the man God created you to be. 

Make Wisdom Your Quest Guide


The series Warrior, hosted by the Campus Pastors of Freedom Church, is all about becoming the kingdom-defender God made you to be. This series will help to answer the question, “What does it mean to be a man in today’s society?” This series will take on some of the difficult struggles men commonly face, and address how to confront those issues in a godly way. You will walk away feeling equipped to go into battle, and ready to become the Warrior they were meant to be.