Welcome to the 80s!

We're gonna book it back to high school in the era of big hair, the Walkman, neon track suits and everything else that was totally rad! We’ll all hang out at Freedom High for a crazy night of killer music, phat games and some legit surprises! And plan to stay after the gathering for the most bodacious 1980s style Prom After Party you’ve ever seen! Are you psyched or what!?



  • Who’s the Thrive Couples Night for? Duh! It’s for married, engaged and dating couples over 18 years of age.

  • Everything Tina, everything. We want to see new marriages start strong, all marriage stay healthy and broken marriages restored. And we'll have a blast do'n it! This ain’t yo grandma’s marriage seminar! 

  • All the hearts (broken or not) go to Freedom Church, Bel Air Campus (aka Freedom High!):

    1705 Conowingo Rd

    Bel Air MD 21014

  • You should totally go. Doors will open at 6:30PM, our gathering will kick off at 7:00PM (trust us, you don’t want to be late!) and our 80s Prom will start right after! We’ll party till about 10PM! Thrive is in person only. 

  • Exactly! That’s why Thrive is just $12 per person!

  • While we won't have sweet potato pie, we will have some killer snacks and bevs before our gathering AND some rad food during our Prom After-Party!

  • ...what to wear?! Don’t have a cow! You can wear whatever you’d like! Come as your normal selves OR feel free to jump back to the greatest fashion trends of the 1980s. And yes, we’re giving out a prize for the most fly fashion couple (aka, best dressed) ! 

  • Or the kids?! Are kids allowed to come? Sorry, but that would be pretty bogus. Get a baby sitter and make it a date night for just the two of you!

  • Totally awesome if you bring your girl to Thrive!